Dear Reader:

I strive to find purpose everywhere, and truth be told, some days are easier than others. In fact, it took me an entire lifetime to reach the point where I could identify purpose as the true source of every single success I’ve experienced, both personally and professionally. I’m so inspired by purpose, I chose to share my journey through writing a book. Books end, but in my life, the lessons and experiences in purpose are constant! I created this blog to not only share the endless examples of lessons surrounding purpose that extend beyond the book, and also to create a community for a two-way dialogue with shared stories of discovering purpose.

A little bit about me, I am a happily married father of three in Illinois. I grew up as a son of Greek immigrants in Appleton, Wisconsin (Go Pack!). I graduated from Ripon College, where I developed as a teammate and leader throughout my four years as a student-athlete. I’ve carried my love for sports and teambuilding with me through the years, and I now have the privilege of sharing that passion as a youth sports coach.

In my professional world, I’m lucky to work within an industry where I not only get to experience firsthand; I can lead others to find purpose, as well! A successful day in recruiting and talent management is putting someone in a job they love and helping clients achieve more with their new talent (that sure beats how I used to feel after a day of selling skincare products in my earlier days as a young professional!). At Medix, we’re positively impacting lives through matching talent and clients with one another and creating opportunity for both to succeed. This is our purpose.

The journey to finding purpose is a maze, and it’s never over. My journey has been interesting and filled with amazing people who guided me along the way and had my back – sometimes without me even realizing. With this blog, I hope to provide the same for you and spark meaningful conversations to spread this message of purpose. In this world, one person cannot change things alone. We need many people transcending the day-to-day grind to see the greater picture. I truly believe that if we had more people finding purpose in our work, on the field, in the streets, and in our day-to-day lives, the world would be a better place.

I invite you to please share stories about what inspires you and the milestones you’ve hit along your way to finding purpose within the comments section of each post. I’m excited to hear from you as we lock arms and grow in purpose together.