Every year in late spring, Maria and I plant seeds in our garden with the hope of harvesting our first yield right around now. Over the years, I’ve found gardening to be such a rewarding experience, and interestingly enough, an experience that reminds me a lot of business. I know what you’re thinking – what in the world does gardening have to do with business, and I get it. In theory, growing a garden and running a successful company aren’t exactly two peas in a pod (excuse the pun), but if you’ll hear me out, I think you’ll be surprised at just how similar the two are after all.  

Plan Ahead

Gardens don’t just happen overnight, and neither do businesses. When it comes to gardening, it takes time to germinate seeds, and then more time for the plants to flower. In addition to time, a great deal of care has to be put into which seeds to grow, and the location to grow them since not all plants thrive in certain conditions or even next to other plants. The same can be said for business.  

Research & Finding Help

If you’ve ever grown a business or a garden, then you know first-hand how much research is involved. I’m not just talking about research in the early stages, but well after both are established. And sometimes research isn’t enough, and you need to call in an expert for advice. A willingness to learn is such an important trait that will serve you in business, gardening, and whatever else you choose to pursue.


One of the best parts about growing a garden or a business is the opportunity to experiment. Sometimes you’ll find yourself experimenting with new ways of doing things, while other times you’ll find you’ve grown a unique hybrid vegetable! Having the courage to step outside your comfort zone will yield a more successful crop and company. 

Never Give Up

It’s inevitable that at some point while growing a garden and a business you will fail, and that’s okay. I’ve been trying to grow broccoli for a few years now, and for whatever reason – it never turns out. The lesson here is to never give up. Continue to plan, research and experiment, and ultimately you will succeed. 

So have I convinced you yet that gardening and running a business are a lot more alike than you thought? Let’s be real for a second; these four principles can be applied to just about everything in life, not just business and gardening. So whatever hobby or passion you choose to apply them on, I hope you find it rewarding and successful.