Back in July, I wrote about the ‘New Normal’ and my resistance to accept the changes that came as a result of the pandemic. Since publishing that post, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time adjusting and adapting to these changes, much like everyone else. If I’m being honest though, I’m still really struggling with what this new normal has in store for the future. It’s not that I’m blissfully wishing for things to return to the way they used to be, but rather fearful of how the new world will impact topics that are extraordinarily important, like culture and engagement. However, instead of fighting the inevitable, I’ve been embracing three small tips to not only prepare myself but the team for what’s in store. These guidelines have been instrumental in helping Medix find its path through the unknown, so I wanted to take this opportunity to pay it forward in the hopes these tips help others.

Accept That Not Everyone Will Be Happy 

It’s no surprise to anyone reading this, but every individual on this planet is unique. With individuality comes different personalities, motivations, and behaviors, and it’s a guarantee that no matter what the future has in store, not everyone is going to be excited and eager to embrace the change. This is a reality that must be accepted, but one that can be mitigated by putting purpose and values above all else.

Put Purpose & Values Above All Else  

Speaking of purpose and values, I am a firm believer that companies are created for the sole purpose to take care of the people it employs. Creating an organization that individuals are proud to be a part of and work for is something to celebrate, and that shouldn’t change regardless of the prospect of what’s to come. Leading with purpose and values ensures you and your company are equipped with the right mindset and secure bearings for whatever the future brings.

Listen To Your Teammates

The answer to growing any company and overcoming the hurdles ahead is as simple as listening to your team. Leaders and executives need to understand that decisions that affect those that make up an organization, cannot be made in a bubble. I’d encourage all companies to host focus groups, collect feedback, and be open to new ideas and better ways of doing business. 

I’m not sharing these tips because they’re foolproof or because I think I’ve solved the mystery of overcoming any and all challenges. After witnessing our culture at Medix not only thrive, but flourish through 2020, it’s humbled and inspired me to share small wins that can help others in similar circumstances. We are all doing our best to support others while navigating this pandemic, but the hope is that you find something in this post that helps propel and motivate you to overcome future obstacles and continue positively impacting lives. 

A quick shoutout to my Medix Ohana. Thank you for your commitment to Positively Impacting Lives, for always inspiring me and for making our culture what it is today.