The clock is slowly ticking away, closer and closer to midnight. Around this time every year, as I reflect and prepare for another 12 months, I set aside time to watch Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture. Truthfully, I watch this video multiple times a year (among other videos from Simon Sinek or John Wooden), but I always make sure to replay it around New Years. It gives me a chance to reflect on the previous year, and puts things into perspective for the New Year and in this case, the new decade.

His lessons for pursuing your dreams are simple. Have a sense of fun and wonder all the time. Have humility. Work and play well with others. Live with integrity. Tell the truth. When you screw up, apologize. Wait, and people will always show you their good side. Show gratitude. And don’t complain, just work harder.

In my opinion, that’s how we all should be living, in pursuit of our dreams or not, and it’s a great message and reminder as you write down your resolutions. What better way to live life and plan for the upcoming weeks and months than living life as though you only have those few short weeks and months to live? I think we’d all live a little happier and find the joy and fun in life. We’d be humble and appreciate those around us more. We’d chase our dreams with no regret and do everything in our power to ensure they came true.

So I encourage you to set aside time today to watch his lecture, or better yet, take 10 minutes and watch this condensed lecture. Use his principles to get re-centered and refocused on your beliefs, and then ring in the New Year with friends and family. Tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity at anything you can dream.

Happy New Year!