Life is messy. I learned time and time again that nothing goes as planned, but with the right people around you, you’ll overcome. I am where I am today because of four people who taught, supported and believed in me throughout my life.

My Parents

My parents laid the foundation for elements that I have carried throughout my career: hard work, passion, camaraderie and purpose. They were immigrants from Greece, and being immigrants in Appleton, Wisconsin was not the easiest. However, I watched how hard work, passion, camaraderia and purpose transformed their jobs into meaningful work.

First, my dad. He was a baker who worked 11- or 12-hour days every day. He loves baking, even today in his 80s! He taught me the value of hard work and passion for your trade. Then my mom. She was a janitor who cleaned offices and bathrooms. Not glamorous sounding, right? Well for her, she had the two things that I knew I would always need in my career: camaraderie with her coworkers and purpose.

Coach Eagan

Football was my great equalizer in high school. My grades were never the best, but I was home on the field. I was talented, but not disciplined. Coach Eagan gave me the tough love I desperately needed. Without him, my life could have derailed, and who knows where I would have ended up. He is the reason why I was able to get into Ripon College to play football, as well as meet my next mentor.


I make it no secret that I was not great in school. My college years were no different than high school; I excelled on the football field, but floundered in the classroom. However, I had a professor who saw something in me, despite my poor test scores. At one point during the semester with her, I grew desperate about my grade. I made the decision to cheat, and she saw right through me. She took the hat I was wearing with the answers written in it; pulled me into her office, and made me retake the test orally. I got a C on the version I cheated, and I got an A on the oral version. (Jody gave me the F I deserved for the class.) Jody not only taught me accountability, but that I learned differently than my peers. I was officially diagnosed with dyslexia, and even though it was something that haunted me, now that I knew for certain why and how I was different, I was able to adapt and overcome.

It takes a village to raise a person! Although there are many who impacted my story, these four are my pillars, and I’ll always be grateful to them.

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