It’s often overlooked how crucial coaches are throughout someone’s life – a teacher to help shape a young mind, a sports coach to help develop a talent, a spouse to support a dream. We all benefit from having mentorship, training and education that coaches inevitably provide. As a coach myself, I understand the importance of having that instruction, and so I set out on finding a coach for Medix, as well as mentors, to help mold me into a better coach.

Coach Les

In 2008, Medix was in major development mode, and we needed to scale. To do this, I knew we needed help. We needed process, discipline and accountability. We needed perspective. We needed someone to come into our Medix Ohana and to get to know us better than we knew ourselves.

After an inspiring speech at a staffing industry conference, I was introduced to Coach Les. Coach Les was Medix’s first executive coach, and he began working with us on a quarterly basis. He brought new ideas and methods, and he gave us a much-needed fresh perspective. Collectively, our executive team was organized and accountable, and having Coach Les as part of our team just felt right. After a couple years though, Coach Les took a step back and decided to confine his clientele to Canada. We were bummed, but we felt sufficient with the knowledge he instilled over the two years.

Coach Kevin

Following Coach Les’s departure, we proceeded for 18 months without an executive coach. It worked ok, but over time, we knew we needed a replacement to help us strategize, plan and implement more effectively. Coach Kevin was introduced to us, and has been a part of the Medix family ever since. Coach Kevin is the exact cultural fit we were looking for when we first set out with the idea of finding an executive coach. He took the time to get to know Medix and what makes this company truly tick. He challenges us, cheers for us and celebrates with us, and a big part of Medix’s success can be attributed to the guidance, leadership and instruction we’ve received from Coach Kevin.

Coach Gibson

In 2009, I had the opportunity to help coach youth football. As an assistant coach to Coach Bob Gibson, I was eager and excited to help coach nine- and 10-year-olds to victory. What I soon learned was that victory was not supposed to be on top of the agenda. Sure, winning a game was great, but Coach Gibson helped me understand that we had a bigger responsibility. He helped me discover how important it was to teach these young men discipline, accountability, and confidence; traits that each young boy could take with them long after this one season of football was finished. He helped me understand how to coach for my audience; albeit nine- and 10-year-olds playing football, or recruiters looking to positively impact job seekers. His lessons are something I still teach from season to season, and helped mold me into a better mentor and person.

Needing coaching shouldn’t be seen as a weakness in life. Even the best athletes in the world still need coaches, and I wholeheartedly believe that every business organization should have one as well.

Which coaches and mentors have helped shape your life and/or your business?


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