2021 marks Medix’s 20th year in business. I could not be more excited about our journey so far and proud of all we have accomplished across the Medix family. 

20 years ago, I founded Medix in a small office space in the Chicago suburbs. It has since evolved into something amazing – a purpose-driven business that would positively impact lives. 

Today, Medix is an award-winning leader in healthcare, technology and life sciences staffing. We have expanded into Engineering & Construction staffing and now offer the industry’s most advanced people analytics through Talentoday. 

Above all, we have focused relentlessly on our purpose as a company. We have positively impacted thousands of lives every year by building teams with the right people, putting job seekers to work in opportunities and contributing to numerous organizations that strengthen our communities and care for our neighbors.

To celebrate our growth as a company, we are beginning our 20th year with an updated brand and a new website designed to showcase our evolution and honor the core values that got us here, which are:

  • Our desire to serve others
  • Our willingness to do what others won’t
  • Our determination to never, never, never give up
  • That commitment to locking arms to achieve our goals.

I encourage you to check out the new Medix brand look on the website and our social media pages. Get to know Talentoday’s capabilities and how they empower our work, and remember this: No matter how much we grow, our passion for positively impacting lives through our work will never change. 

Best wishes,

Andrew Limouris

President & CEO of Medix and Talentoday