Medix’s Take on Mentorship

At Medix, we foster a culture of solid mentoring, which improves the lives and performance of both mentees…

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Lessons from My Greek Immigrant Parents

My father was a baker. He was a guy who woke up before dawn, pulled on his baker’s whites, and proceeded to…

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Medix Teammates Have their (Intergenerational) Differences

A Stunning Fact  According to this February 2023 article from the Society of Human Resource Management,…

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Inflection Points

Three Tips to Overcome Inflection Points

Whether or not you’re familiar with the term “inflection point,” I can almost guarantee you’ve been in one…

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Three Cornerstone Traits of Effective Leaders

In the last few weeks, I had the opportunity to witness leadership from a different angle. As a lifelong…

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Company Culture

The Culture Chameleon: Spot the Warning Signs Your Culture is Declining

Culture. It’s a small word, but it packs a mighty punch. The preverbal shiny penny of the business world,…

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live like you were dying

Live Like You Were Dying

What if I told you that you only had eleven more holidays with your family? As disconcerting as the thought…

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Creating Solutions - Three Principles to Guide You and Your Business During A Challenge

Creating Solutions: Three Principles to Guide You and Your Business during a Challenge

Albert Einstein is considered by many to be one of the most significant scientific experts of all time. He’s…

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National Underdog Day

It’s National Underdog Day; a day I’ve been looking forward to since September. I can practically see the…

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