There are three different types of people in this world; the optimist, the pessimist, and the realist. For the most part, I’d consider myself the optimist type. A real find-the-positive, see-the-opportunity, Tigger type of guy. That said, over the course of the last 19 months, it seems that negativity and pessimism are everywhere I turn, and so seeing the glass half full has sometimes been a challenge. 

Growing up in a Greek immigrant family, socialization and “breaking bread” was ingrained into every fiber of my being. If you couldn’t guess, I am someone who thrives by being surrounded by family, friends, teammates, and peers. There’s something special about a board room full of like-minded individuals challenging and inspiring one another toward a common goal. Or a home-cooked meal, served over a packed dining room table, surrounded by those you love most. Being together, truly in the presence of others, and able to touch, smell, and interact in a way that isn’t possible through a computer screen is irreplaceable to me. Maybe it’s part of my DNA, or maybe I’m old-fashioned, but either way, it’s not hard to see how the last 19 months have brought about a healthy dose of pessimism. 

But if you’ll allow me to be a realist for a moment, despite the looming negativity, there has certainly been positivity and things to be thankful for over the last 19 months too. I’ll forever be thankful that Medix was an early adopter of remote work policies, and continues to work from home as of now. Sure, we’ve created hybrid policies to support our teammates that no longer wish to be at home, but we remain committed to putting our teammates first and ensuring they and their families are safe. Speaking of families, the last 19 months has brought about the opportunity for families to spend true quality time together. If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that time is truly precious, so having this chance to bond and connect with loved ones has been such a blessing. Then, of course, there’s the technology that has accelerated at a lightning speed during the pandemic. I know it’s hard to believe but nineteen short months ago, you couldn’t drive up to Target and have your order walked to your car, and yet curbside pickup has quickly become the norm for lots of businesses. 

I won’t pretend to know what the future holds, but I also won’t pretend that I’m not eager and ready to see more and more faces in the office. Until that time comes, I will hold tight to the belief that all things happen for a reason, I will continue using purpose to guide my decisions, and I’ll be receptive to the idea that instead of half-empty or half-full, perhaps it’s simply a glass of water.